Band Leader – Responsibilities

Prior to rehearsal, the band leader might have additional song notes to send out to the band or individuals within the band, the band leader should coordinate any communication with the worship leader. Expected to encourage and demonstrate a collaborative process during rehearsals (among the band and including tech team members in this process) along […]

Worship Leader – Responsibilities

The worship leader should review the service plan on Planning Center and communicate to the rest of the team as necessary in order to ensure good team preparation prior to Thursday rehearsal. (NOTE: worship director and creative arts pastor will make vocal notes, song sequence updates, and final song updates to the planning site by the Monday […]

Team Leader – Responsibilities

This applies to section leaders (drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, etc.), lighting design team leaders, ProPresenter team leaders, sound engineer team leaders, etc. In general, team leaders are responsible for… Scheduling regular training and development sessions/workshops with team (at least once per year, held along with our creative arts ministry retreat) and plan content for […]

Other Solo Instruments – Responsibilities

Understand the role of your instrument in the given the style of music that is being played (the role of the violin or other stringed instruments in rock music is much simpler than in classical music, for instance). Must be proficient enough to play in key and play melodic lines to accent Do NOT play […]

Keyboard – Responsibilities

Know how to play in all keys Practice songs/chords ahead of time Listen to each song and match voicing/patch as closely as possible, be willing to speak with band leader or worship leader about an appropriate voicing/patch Work on playing alternate voicing of chords Take it easy with LEFT hand if there is a bass […]

Electric Guitar – Responsibilities

Know basic keys to play in (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) Know all basic chords in first and barred positions If you are the 2nd guitarist, use different positions and voicing of chords so as to not double what the lead guitarist is playing. Be able to use a capo ALWAYS tune up […]

Acoustic Guitar – Responsibilities

Know basic keys to play in (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) Know all basic chords in open and barred positions If there is more than one acoustic guitar and/or electric guitar player, use different positions and voicing of chords so you do not double what the lead guitarist or any other guitarist is playing, and to achieve a much […]

Bass Guitar – Responsibilities

Know how to play in all keys Know what “the pocket” is, and how to be “in” it. Be able to “lock in” with the drummer, play in time with a song and help to create a solid bass/drum foundation Be able to read “slash notation” on a chord chart or learn how Arrive early […]

Drums – Responsibilities

Be able to play with a metronome/click and keep tempo, so as not to distract the band or the worshipers Support the needs of the song musically and rhythmically Know what “the pocket” is and how to be “in” it Be sensitive to each song’s message and drum requirements Follow team leader’s lead during songs […]

Vocals – Responsibilities

Must be capable of singing on pitch Must be able to blend with others Be willing to communicate or work together outside of main rehearsal if necessary Work together with the worship leader and co-leader to decide who will sing what part(s) – melody vs. harmonies Lead the congregation in authentic physical expressions of worship […]