Making a Difference (through Worship and the Creative Arts)

[Note: The following was originally given as a speech at “The CACCies” (an award show we put together for our team a couple of summers ago), but we wanted to share and archive this content here on the blog.] What Difference Does It Make? If you ask a lot of people in our culture what “church” […]

Lessons Our Creative Arts Teams Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon, Pt. 2

This is part 2 of 2 part series on what we can learn from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. Be sure to check out the great short article in the link in Part 1. How do we learn to reach and engage people in a relevant way? One way is by studying those who are […]

Lessons Our Creative Arts Teams Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon, Pt. 1

I love the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I’ve been a Fallon fan since his SNL days. His “Late Night” was so fresh and fun, I always enjoyed watching it. Jimmy is an engaging and super-talented entertainer, and he seems genuinely interested in the people he’s interviewing. I applauded NBC’s decision to move him to “The Tonight […]

Setup Your Planning Center Account Like a Pro

We use Planning Center Online for service planning, scheduling, communication, and rehearsal preparation among other things. So, it’s vital that each of us take the time to setup our account and keep it updated. Here’s what you need to do: New band members and techs, read steps 1-3. If you already have an account, skip to Step […]

Team Leader – Responsibilities

This applies to section leaders (drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, etc.), lighting design team leaders, ProPresenter team leaders, sound engineer team leaders, etc. In general, team leaders are responsible for… Scheduling regular training and development sessions/workshops with team (at least once per year, held along with our creative arts ministry retreat) and plan content for […]

Lighting Operator – Responsibilities

Currently not responsible to come to mid-week rehearsal Must be available during Sunday morning rehearsal/run-through to run all lighting cues at the appropriate moments during the service, and arrive early to turn on any lighting equipment Plug in any dimmer packs or additional stage lighting (when/if necessary) Fire lighting cues in coordination with ProPresenter Tech […]

Lighting Designer – Responsibilities

Like many creative arts ministry roles, this position combines creative and technical skills. If the list below is overwhelming, no worries! We can train you if you have a passion for this position and a willingness to learn. Willing to attend training. You’ll go through an apprenticeship and work alongside a mentor. If you have […]

ProPresenter Tech – Responsibilities

Interested? We can train you in this position! Willingness to attend training/go through apprenticeship and work alongside a mentor. If you come with previous experience, the mentor will orient you to our system and way of doing things. Responsible to come to rehearsals for which you are scheduled, and to come early to turn on equipment, […]

Sound Engineer – Responsibilities

This might look like a pretty intense list. No worries! If you have the passion to do this and the willingness to learn, we can train you. Responsible to come to rehearsals for which you are scheduled, and to come early to setup equipment and be ready to start on time Willing to train/go through apprenticeship […]

Producer – Responsibilities

Short Description of the Producer Role Coordinate the details of the worship service experience. Synchronize team members (on stage and off) and production elements to make sure the service flows smoothly. This includes an efficient run through, a purposeful production meeting, an eye on the needs of the house and the stage, and an excellent service. […]