Electric Guitar – Responsibilities

  • Know basic keys to play in (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
  • Know all basic chords in first and barred positions
  • If you are the 2nd guitarist, use different positions and voicing of chords so as to not double what the lead guitarist is playing.
  • Be able to use a capo
  • ALWAYS tune up BEFORE rehearsal and service
  • Be familiar with when and how to use appropriate effect pedals
  • Follow team leader’s directions during songs (continue, don’t play, etc.)
  • Arrive early to setup equipment and be ready to start on time
  • Be sensitive to each song’s message and guitar requirements
  • Be willing to not play if a song requires it, or if asked by the team leader
  • Pursue great tone
  • Keep your equipment in good working order, so it stays in tune, doesn’t make a lot of noise, and is reliable
  • When done, put away your own equipment and take your gear home. Make sure any cables that stay on stage are coiled up neatly for the next guitar player.
  • Lead guitar players may be asked to provide background music for communion or to underscore the end of a sermon.

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