Experiencing the Presence of God

We all long for it, whether we know it or not. We want our worship to be more than songs and our sermons to be more than entertaining talks.

We want to experience the presence of God as we worship together.

But what is the “presence of God.” What do we even mean by that?

Our own Mike Oliver shared a blog post with me from Jeff Deyo over at WorshipLeader.com.

It’s a good post, and worth our time and attention. Deyo asks us to think about what we mean when we talk about the presence of God, and leading people to “God’s throne” in our worship services. Here’s a small taste:

Imagine; I’m sitting in the same room as my wife. It could be said that we are in each other’s presence, yes? But isn’t it also possible that while we may physically be in the same room, we may also be completely disconnected—one daydreaming while the other consumes a good book? If so, are we still actually in each other’s presence? Physically, yes, but relationally, no.

A win for our team happens when people are encouraged, challenged, or inspired by our weekend worship experiences because they encounter Jesus, because they experience the presence of God…

So do yourself a favor (and you’ll be doing those you lead in worship a favor too) by taking a few minutes to read this. And then, take a moment to comment on Deyo’s article below.

What do you think about what he has to say? What does our team do well as we try to lead people into the presence of God? What could we do better?