Hearing From God During Worship

I firmly believe that it’s impossible to worship in a vacuum. All of the Christian life is a response to God—to Who he is, to what he has done. So, I’m finding it more and more disconcerting to presume to be worshiping God without listening. But—”Sing it again!” “Louder!” “Clap!” “Jump!” “Shout!” (depending on your tradition). Okay now, wait. Yes, these are all biblical instructions. But between us and God, who has the more important things to say? And, quite possibly, who needs to learn to listen? Both in corporate settings and in private ones? Ummm …

If our aim is to provide for true conversation with God in our worship service, can it somehow be done? Absolutely. It’s easy. What it takes, mostly, is the courage to deal with the sometimes programmatically uncontrollable. We as worship planners and leaders must provide room—and time—for the people to hear from God as well as speak to him.

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What are some ways that you have found to be able to converse with God during worship services? Have you put any of the suggestions into practice? Have you found your experiences to differ from that of the author’s?

-Submitted by Mike Oliver