Apply  |  Talk  |  Audition (Performance Roles)  |  Apprentice (Technical and Lead Roles)  |  Orientation Period

The purpose of this process is to determine your musical or technical proficiency level, commitment, and/or “fit” with our team. At the end of this process, an invitation may (or may not) be extended to join the team.

As much as competence is a bottom-line necessity, we are, first and foremost, looking for people who are seeking God, servants like Jesus, and good team players.

The Application

  • Submit the Creative Arts Ministry Application (short, easy-to-fill-out, completely online form available here.
  • Someone will contact you within a few days to chat in-person, via e-mail, or even by phone.

The Informational Meeting

One of our team leaders will want to meet with you or communicate with you about our ministry team, answer questions you have, hear about your experience (working through your application information or going over your portfolio if applicable), and just generally get to know you.

At this time we will also schedule a musical audition if applicable or we’ll find some dates on the calendar that you can begin the orientation and apprenticing process.

The Audition (for most musicians and vocalists)

This will be a time to assess your musical proficiency on your instrument or voice. We know that even saying the word, “audition,” can cause stress and make someone nervous. Your preparation is key. We will do our best to make it a fun and positive experience. At the audition, you can expect to sing/play along with other members of the music team. We will ask you to play 3 songs with us (you will have access to only 2 of the song charts and mp3 or Youtube links to practice ahead of time).

The first two songs are pre-selected based on the role you want to have on the team. Click here to find the songs you need to prepare. We will choose an additional song with which to “surprise” you (from the songs we typically play on Sunday mornings). We are looking for how well you play/sing, how well you blend/work with the band, and how well you follow the leader and dynamic changes in the song. We may ask you to sing/play solo. We will also be asking you to play a song you haven’t prepared (the third song mentioned above) to see how well you can pickup a chord chart, or jump in singing a song or harmonizing after little or no rehearsal. Be sure to check out some of the intangibles we’re looking for in team members too. After the audition, we’ll talk with you for a few minutes to ask how you thought it went and to provide additional feedback or information.

Instead of an in-person audition, prospective band members can also submit Youtube video links of themselves playing or singing along with the songs we’ve pre-selected for the role they want to audition for. These Youtube links should be copied and pasted into the appropriate box in the online application.

After your audition or YouTube submission, we might make a decision immediately, but we also reserve the right to take a short period of time to decide (2-3 days at most), if necessary. We don’t generally say “no” to someone who applies. We may say “not now,” which means we don’t feel you are ready at this time, and that you need further time to work on your skills. We will recommend things for you to work on (e.g. timing, pitch, take lessons, etc.). You are welcome to re-audition at a later date once you have worked on our recommendations. If you are not invited to join when you first apply, please don’t take it personally, as it is not a reflection of who you are in Christ. We want everyone to be successful. And putting someone in the ministry before they are ready or if they don’t seem to be gifted for a particular role will only frustrate them, the team, and possibly the congregation.

The Orientation and Apprenticeship Process (for Technical Skills Areas and Leader Training)

Even though techs and leaders can come to the team with great experience, an orientation and apprenticeship process is necessary to learn the particular systems, or equipment, or software and hardware that CACC uses. It takes time to make sure that you know the particular responsibilities of your desired role on the team. It takes time to determine if we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. For leaders in particular, it takes time to understand the “DNA” of our church and make sure that a leader “carries” that DNA and can duplicate it in others.

You will “shadow” another team member who has already been carrying out the role that you are interested in. This apprenticeship process is also a part of our leadership development “engine.” Our apprenticeship process has five steps:

  • I do. You watch.
    • You watch another team member carry out the role and ask questions, gain insight, and evaluate whether it’s right for you.
  • I do. You help.
    • You will be given opportunities to actually carry out the role you’re interested in, while still being supervised.
  • You do. I help.
    • You will be entrusted with more responsibility for a role while the person who initially supervised takes more of a background role.
  • You do. I watch.
    • You will be entrusted with full responsibility, but the person training you will still provide feedback and be accessible if any trouble arises.
  • You do. Someone else watches.
    • You will be given the opportunity, with time and experience and demonstrated ability and competency, to train others and continue this process.

Note on the Orientation Period

If things went well with your audition and you are invited to join the ministry, there will be an orientation period on the team during which we will confirm your skills and attitude “mesh” with the rest of the team. You will also be able to see if the team is a good fit for you also.

The orientation period for the tech teams is the length of your apprenticeship process in your given role (usually lasting several weeks, depending on previous experience, etc.).

The orientation period for band members will be the first three weeks that you are scheduled with the team (these will most likely not be consecutive weeks), you will be expected to demonstrate the above characteristics and a grasp of the underlying values behind them.

New band members are strongly encouraged to attend a couple of rehearsals as soon as they are invited to join the team, even if they are not scheduled. This will allow more time to begin learning songs, expectations, the culture of the team, and the leadership styles of various team leaders.

At the end of this orientation period, and even during it, you will receive any necessary feedback and you are encouraged to ask questions that you have about your role or your involvement with the team.