Keyboard – Responsibilities

  • Know how to play in all keys
  • Practice songs/chords ahead of time
  • Listen to each song and match voicing/patch as closely as possible, be willing to speak with band leader or worship leader about an appropriate voicing/patch
  • Work on playing alternate voicing of chords
  • Take it easy with LEFT hand if there is a bass player present, and be willing to play only the root and the fifth of most chords (most pop/rock music uses chords voiced without their third, to avoid a sweet, syrupy kind of sound)
  • Follow team leader’s directions during songs (when to play and not to play, etc.)
  • Arrive early to set up equipment and be ready to start on time (a keyboard is provided, and a rig that can be used to setup your own keyboard is also available)
  • Be sensitive to each song’s message and keyboard requirements
  • Be willing to not play if a song requires it, or if asked by the team leader
  • Put away/cover equipment. Make sure cables are as neat as possible and in order for the next keyboard player. Take your own equipment home.
  • Some keyboard players will be asked to occasionally provide background music for communion or to underscore the end of a sermon.

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