Sound Engineer – Responsibilities

This might look like a pretty intense list. No worries! If you have the passion to do this and the willingness to learn, we can train you.

  • Responsible to come to rehearsals for which you are scheduled, and to come early to setup equipment and be ready to start on time
  • Willing to train/go through apprenticeship and work alongside a mentor. If you have experience mixing audio successfully in the live environment, we’ll still provide a mentor briefly, to orient you to the specifics of our system.
  • Need an ability to think quickly and react/troubleshoot properly in high stress situations
  • Assign and hand out wireless microphones and use patch bays to assign channels appropriately for weekend services (use planning site and stage layout info)
  • Help with stage setup for musicians (monitors, mic’ing)
  • Be able to perform proper sound checks and mix well, including but not limited to gain staging, mixing, monitor mixing, “tongue and groove” EQing, etc.
  • Use service plan, service notes, song notes, song recordings, and stage layout (available on planning site and in booth by rehearsal) to aid in preparation and mixing
  • Be able to operate Digital Console and software for mixing and recording (once training is complete).
  • Update digital scribble strip info on audio console and assign band members’ iOS devices to the appropriate aux mixes for onstage personal monitor mixing as needed.
  • Watch/listen for worship leader’s direction and/or musician’s needs during services
  • Provide a distraction-free service as much as it depends on audio production/cues (mute/un-mute channels as necessary, no “set it and forget it” mixing, practice active listening, etc.)
  • Send pre-service playlist audio and sermon audio to lobby/café/outdoor speakers and check to make sure volume level is appropriate in those areas
  • Check and replace (as necessary) wireless mic batteries before rehearsals and services and between services
  • Record worship services and sermons
  • Upload sermon and worship audio following services
  • Report any technical issues that need addressed during the week to the sound engineer team leader via e-mail or text, and copy the creative arts pastor on the message

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