Hearing From God During Worship

I firmly believe that it’s impossible to worship in a vacuum. All of the Christian life is a response to God—to Who he is, to what he has done. So, I’m finding it more and more disconcerting to presume to be worshiping God without listening. But—”Sing it again!” “Louder!” “Clap!” “Jump!” “Shout!” (depending on your […]

The Heart of Worship

[Note: This is part 2 of a 2 part series by Gail Hamilton. Check out part 1 here.] So what is our motivation – what is at the heart of worship? God deserves our praise!  We need to take time to just focus on our awesome God and give Him thanks and honor for who […]

The Art of Worship

[Note: This is part 1 of a 2 part series by Gail Hamilton. The 2nd post will appear later this week.] Do you consider yourself an artist?  Maybe you never really thought about all that the word “artist” involves. A lot of people think that an artist is someone who can paint or draw beautiful […]

Lessons Our Creative Arts Teams Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon, Pt. 1

I love the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I’ve been a Fallon fan since his SNL days. His “Late Night” was so fresh and fun, I always enjoyed watching it. Jimmy is an engaging and super-talented entertainer, and he seems genuinely interested in the people he’s interviewing. I applauded NBC’s decision to move him to “The Tonight […]

Experiencing the Presence of God

We all long for it, whether we know it or not. We want our worship to be more than songs and our sermons to be more than entertaining talks. We want to experience the presence of God as we worship together. But what is the “presence of God.” What do we even mean by that? Our own […]

Engage the “Middle 60”

How do you engage people in worship? Is there anything that can be done to get more people to participate? These are problems that any good worship leader should grapple with. Bob Branch posted an excellent article on WorshipLeader.com that identifies what he calls the “Swing Vote” Principle in worship leading. Here’s an excerpt: Over the […]

The Awe, the Aha, and the Haha

When we plan our services across multiple campuses, it’s important to maintain our “DNA,” the things that make us uniquely “us.” We can help maintain this DNA in our worship service planning by thinking about the kinds of moments and experiences we plan as a part of each service. There are at least three types […]