Team Leader – Responsibilities

This applies to section leaders (drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, etc.), lighting design team leaders, ProPresenter team leaders, sound engineer team leaders, etc.

In general, team leaders are responsible for…

  • Scheduling regular training and development sessions/workshops with team (at least once per year, held along with our creative arts ministry retreat) and plan content for sessions along with creative arts pastor. Teams might be asked by the creative arts pastor to hold additional sessions depending on ministry needs or issues. A conference or seminar might also be promoted to take the place of a team training session.
  • Capturing feedback from team and communicating to creative arts pastor and working with creative arts pastor to improve team systems and effectiveness
  • Meeting with creative arts pastor for lunch or coffee at least twice per year to talk about the current state of the team, look at the upcoming calendar, and develop goals for next 6 months
  • Meeting with team members individually or as a group for the purpose of fellowship and/or discipling as needed
  • Helping to coordinate the resolution of issues that arise within your area (personal, technical, spiritual)
  • Some team leaders will be asked to aid in scheduling their teams through our planning site