Team Leaders

15528815001_40323f1693_o copyIn addition to all of the expectations for team members, we expect our team leaders to exemplify spiritual maturity and a passion for worship.

Team Leaders are expected to…

  • Be baptized followers of Christ exhibiting a healthy and growing walk with Jesus – we are worshipers who are leading others in worship of our God. Someone who is not a follower of Christ has not committed their life to God, and is incapable of fully leading others in worship. This is simply because one cannot lead others where one has not already been. We are not just attempting to build a band or a tech team; we are building a team of worshippers in which discipleship should be happening. Lead worshippers help build strong worship teams. Leaders in our creative arts ministry will help to build up their teams not just technically or artistically, but also spiritually.
  • Be spiritually mature and obedient to the Word of God – like it or not, everyone involved in the worship ministry and/or “up front” during a service is seen by the congregation as a leader, and as such, should exemplify a growing walk with Christ, both inside and outside the church walls. The worship team gets a lot of attention because of the very nature of what we do. It is a very public role to have. And left unchecked, it can be easy to begin to believe we are special or better than those we lead. We should strive to live lives worthy of the position and visibility God has given us.
  • Be a reflection of Christ – We ask that, should at any time during your involvement you feel your personal life or conduct is not reflecting what we are about or what Christ would have, that you voluntarily step down until the situation changes.
  • Be a good fit for the culture of CACC – as one church with multiple locations, it’s vitally important in maintaining the “DNA” of our church that leaders understand the culture of CACC, the explicit values (Walk, Worship, Witness, Gifts, Groups, and Generosity) as well as the more implicit values (fun/humor, community involvement and openness to the community, willingness to do what it takes to reach people who are far from God, high energy worship, etc.).
  • Prepare earlier than the rest of the team – Team members are dependent on team leaders for everything from song notes to scheduling (responsibilities vary, depending on your team), so it is important that team leaders are prepared well in advance to answer questions that will come and so that the rest of the team can continue their own preparation (as much as that is dependent on you carrying out your responsibilities).
  • Show up early – Be at rehearsal 10-15 min. earlier than other team members in order to open buildings, doors, any keyed access areas, etc. Team leaders who are “on time” are already late.

Also, check out the team leader job description.