Team Members

15335868770_03cfeeed73_oBelow, you’ll find our expectations for team members. If you’re a team leader or you are interested in being a team leader, be sure to check out our expectations for team leaders too.

Team Members are expected to…

  • Work toward living a life of worship – Make time to get to know God through His Word, prayer, personal worship, etc. We understand that you might be interested in joining the team, but do not consider yourself a believer. While key leadership and platform positions will not be open to you, we at least ask everyone who considers joining the team to be open to the possibility that God exists and wants to have a relationship with us through Jesus. We ask everyone who joins to examine whether our lives line up with what we are singing and preaching about on Sunday mornings. We are responsible for leading others in worship together. But worship is not a once-a-week, Sunday-morning-only event, it should flow into and out of our worship together on Sunday morning. It should be a way of life.
  • Worship while leading worship – We should strive to lead by example, directing our hearts and passion toward God in authentic expressions of worship. Preparation is a huge part of this. If you are struggling to follow the chords or read the lyrics off your music sheet, it is hard to even think about what God has done through Christ. Likewise, if a tech doesn’t know what’s happening next during a worship service and is not well-prepared, they are distracted from worship and have the potential to distract others.
  • Work for the win – Our Sunday morning “win” happens “When people are encouraged, challenged, or inspired by the experience because they’ve encountered Jesus, and want to come back next weekend with a friend.” That is a “win” for us. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the tech booth, on the platform, or you’re helping to create something for a Sunday morning service. That is the win for us. We want people to encounter Jesus. And while we can’t make people fall in love with Jesus, we can “set up the date.” So do everything you can in your role to put the focus on Jesus, and to remove any obstacles or distractions from people being able to meet Jesus.
  • Be committed to the vision of our church – The vision of our church is “connecting people to God.” We are a contemporary church with an eternal message that we want to communicate in a relevant way. If you aren’t “on board” with this vision, it will be hard for you to be on the team.
  • Submit to leadership – of CACC, of the Creative Arts Ministry, as well as the weekly team leaders. The nature of this ministry requires a strong commitment to the people of this church. We want people to be a part of the team (both leaders and team members) who demonstrate a servant attitude.
  • Communicate effectively – Know how to use our planning site and respond to communications that are made by team leaders through the site. Check e-mail. Setup text messaging alerts in your planning site account. Have questions? Have a new idea? Getting distracted or frustrated? Something bothering you? Talk to us. Let the team leader know of your concerns, changes in schedule, potential absences, emergencies or illness. Have the team leader’s cell number on your cell phone. We’re here to serve and equip you to grow and succeed as a passionate follower of Jesus.
  • Be skillful – Some are called to lead musical worship and others aren’t. Some have a good ear for sound engineering and others don’t. Some have an eye for visual or lighting design and some don’t. There are biblical examples where individuals were set apart to lead people in worship because they were skillful (1 Chronicles 15:22, e.g.). Prayerfully consider if this is your area of giftedness. The creative arts ministry is NOT the place for you to learn how to play your instrument, or learn how to sing (though, if you have a desire to learn or for personal development in these areas prior to joining the team, we can recommend an instructor in your area of interest).15535366092_29a9bdf741_o
  • Be committed to excellence – Learn your music. Hone your skills on your instrument or with the equipment you use. Continually grow and practice your skills. Watch YouTube tutorials, attend training sessions, etc. God deserves our very best. We’re not looking for perfection, as that is not required to serve God, but we do expect you to be proficient and prepared. You have to be willing to give Him your best (Matthew 25:14-30). Practice and prepare at home and take the commitment seriously. Remember that wrong notes, poor singing, a bad mix, errors on visual media, or poor lighting design or less-than-average music can distract others from focusing on God as easily as someone who is ‘showing off.’
  • Be committed to rehearsals – If you are scheduled as a part of any Sunday morning team, you will be required to attend rehearsal during the week. Our goal is to develop as musicians and techs, and as a team, and to grow together as leaders of worship. Professionals understand the importance of rehearsing together.
  • Be prepared – Come to rehearsals and services prepared. Listen to and practice songs beforehand. Have music ready and in order (charts are provided, but you can also use the Planning Center Music Stand app on a tablet device). Read any supporting notes provided by the team leaders that are available as attachments to the plan on our planning site. Band members should assume that they are to learn their part as it is played on the YouTube or mp3 recordings accessed through the rehearsal button above the service plan on Planning Center Online. Even techs are expected to listen through the songs beforehand and to read any supporting notes from team leaders for the week, to be fully prepared to support the team. Rehearsal isn’t a time to learn songs, but to perfect them. Someone said, “Practice is personal. Rehearsal is relational.” Being prepared also includes being punctual – arrive at 6:30 pm (7 pm vocalists) on Thursday nights and at 7 am on Sunday mornings, to allow enough to setup and warm-up so the team can start promptly at the planned time. Being on time reflects your level of commitment. We do understand that ‘life happens,’ from time to time, so please contact the team leader as soon as possible if something comes up.
  • Be a team player – Do your best to be present, prompt, and prepared. Get to know and support your teammates. Work through differences with gentleness, empathy, and respect. Encourage one another. If you are a musician, play selectively and listen closely. Work toward understanding your role in each song and how your role can change depending on the song. If you are a tech, watch closely and listen closely to what is going on on the platform so that you can support it through your role as best as you can. Some people are very gifted musicians or techs, but for one reason or another (musical style, personality, etc.) have trouble flowing or fitting with the team. Not all gifted musicians, soloists, or techs necessarily make good team members.14910769934_3f02aa8723_o
  • Have the support of their family – It is important that your family supports your involvement in this ministry and accepts the necessary time commitment, which is not insignificant. Your family should always be your priority when considering your involvement in any ministry.
  • Be humble – Music is fun, and people love it. As a result, it is incredibly easy to focus on ourselves and the music. Or, when things sound really good or the worship was especially moving during a service, it’s easy to focus simply on our own contribution rather than on what God did. Always remember the One who gave you your talent. An attitude of humility is essential.
  • Be teachable – Our talents can always be developed and improved, and we should be willing to humbly accept direction and constructive criticism from others and learn from it. Attend a worship seminar or conference to grow both musically and spiritually. Come to any workshops, team events, or retreats that are held by the Creative Arts Ministry or your team within the ministry.
  • Be modest in dress – Be aware of your appearance. Be comfortable, but be appropriate. Ask yourself: does what I wear distract others from worshiping Jesus? Would it be considered inappropriate by some? Will it draw attention to me? If so, then rethink your outfit.
  • Be aware that you might be in a very visible role – Like it or not, everyone “up front” during a service has the potential to be seen by the congregation as a leader. Don’t let this go to your head, and don’t take it for granted either. Don’t do anything which would damage the reputation the church has built in the community or that could reflect poorly on Christ followers in general.