Vocals – Responsibilities

  • Must be capable of singing on pitch
  • Must be able to blend with others
  • Be willing to communicate or work together outside of main rehearsal if necessary
  • Work together with the worship leader and co-leader to decide who will sing what part(s) – melody vs. harmonies
  • Lead the congregation in authentic physical expressions of worship
  • Work toward learning songs well-enough to not rely on reading the lyrics
  • Take direction from worship leader on when to sing/not sing
  • Be willing to not sing if a song requires it, or if asked by the team leader
  • Go through Sunday Morning Vocal Warm-up track prior to the start of rehearsal on Sunday morning, together with other vocalists
  • When done with rehearsal or Sunday services, give your microphone back to sound tech
  • Dispose of any run sheets or trash where you were standing on stage after Sunday services

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