What To Do When You’re Not Playing

If you’re a part of the band (instrumentalist or vocalist), have you ever thought about what to do when you’re not playing or singing or scheduled as a tech?

Did you ever think that how you enter or exit the platform matters in trying to eliminate distractions in worship? Or, what’s the point of sitting in on the sermon after the main worship set? This stuff matters.

And this post offers some great points that line up with our thinking about these kinds of things, about what to do when you’re not playing or singing.

What would you add to this list? What other moments do we need to pay more attention to?

A couple that come to mind for me are (1) the importance of being part of worship services beyond when we are scheduled. Come to church when you’re not scheduled. Go to that event even though you’re not part of the band or tech team. Build relationships outside of the team. Building relationships with other people in the congregation is HUGE (insert your best Donald Trump impression, “YYUUUGE.”) in engaging them in worship. Following takes trust. We can’t lead people in worship if they don’t know us or trust us.

And (2) social media “moments” matter. We are a team of worship leaders. And you aren’t just a worship leader on a stage or in a tech booth. Surprise, people expect you to be consistent between who they see on Sunday morning and the person they see posting on facebook or instagram through the week. Be a “worship leader” in every area of your life (this needs another full post at some point). Let’s strive to set an example for others to follow .


(Submitted by Dan Price. Thanks, Dan! Have an idea for a post? Submit it here.)