Worship Leader Q&A with Hillsong’s Jad Gillies

Jad Gillies - One of the Key Worship Leaders for Hillsong Church
Jad Gillies – One of the Key Worship Leaders for Hillsong Church

Jad Gillies is one of Hillsong’s key worship leaders. They recently interviewed him at a team night gathering about worship leading. There are many good and interesting thoughts here (once you get past the puff questions at the beginning, haha).

Hillsong uses a system of co-leadership to apprentice and train new worship leaders and he speaks to that a little (both different and similar to how we’re currently using that role…for the similarities, check out our apprenticeship process too). 

He designs worship services so that not one person misses out on the presence of God. Same for us: we want people to meet Jesus here in our worship gatherings each Sunday. As Andy Stanley says, “We can’t make people fall in love with Jesus, but we can setup the date!”

The importance of building trust with people in order to lead worship cannot be overstated (or even in being a servant leader in general). He has some interesting thoughts on why and how this happens, and why it doesn’t always happen on the platform. 

Also, we should always ask ourselves that last question about what we are doing to currently develop ourselves (I recommend the Worship Matters book he mentions by Bob Kauflin, btw). 

So check out the interview. What do you think? What are you doing to develop yourself as a leader (or even just as a person 🙂 ?